Portable Modular Smoking Cabins/Rooms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, OMAN, KSA

In response to the growing need for designated smoking areas in urban environments, we present our innovative solution: Portable Modular Smoking Rooms. Designed specifically for the Central Park Towers Residences on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, these units offer a compact, stylish, and functional space for smokers serving Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, OMAN, KSA


  • Product: Portable Modular Smoking Rooms
  • Size: 7.0 meters (Length) x 3.6 meters (Width) x 3.3 meters (Height)
  • Frame: Steel Base Chassis for durability and stability
  • Walls: 6mm Double Glazed Full Glass panels on all four sides, providing a transparent and aesthetically pleasing environment
  • Internal & External: A2 Fire Rated Aluminium Composite Panels ensure safety and compliance with regulations
  • Design Extension: Extensions on both sides enhance the visual appeal and usability of the smoking rooms
  • Ceiling: Aluminium False Ceiling adds a modern touch while concealing utilities
  • Door: Automatic Sliding Double Swing Glass Door (1 meter x 1 meter) with Powder Coated Aluminium frame for ease of access and durability
  • Flooring: 18mm Cement Board Floor covered with Ceramic Tiles (RAK brand) for a clean and durable surface
  • Electrical & Lighting: Includes 6 LED Lights, 4 Power Sockets, Distribution Board (DB), and AC Isolator for convenience and comfort
  • Climate Control: Equipped with 2 Nos of 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioning units for temperature regulation
  • Air Filtration: Features 2 Nos of HEPA Filters to maintain air quality
  • Ash Tray: 2 Nos of Ash Trays provided for the disposal of cigarette waste

Project Details:

These Portable Modular Smoking Rooms are tailor-made for the Central Park Towers Residences located in the heart of Dubai’s prestigious DIFC district. Positioned along Sheikh Zayed Road, these units offer residents and visitors a designated area to enjoy smoking in comfort and compliance with local regulations.

Design and Construction:

Built on a robust steel base chassis, these cabins offer durability and stability. With walls made entirely of 6mm double-glazed full glass, users can enjoy panoramic views while maintaining privacy. Both internally and externally, the cabins feature A2 fire-rated aluminium composite panels, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations.


To enhance usability, the cabins boast design extensions on both sides, providing ample space for users. An aluminium false ceiling adds a touch of elegance, while an automatic sliding double swing glass door, fitted with a powder-coated aluminium frame, ensures easy access. The flooring, constructed with 18mm cement board covered in ceramic tiles from RAK, offers durability and easy maintenance.


Equipped with LED lights for illumination, power sockets for convenience, and a distribution board with an AC isolator for safety, these cabins ensure a comfortable environment for users. Additionally, two 1.5-ton split air conditioning units maintain optimal temperature, while two HEPA filters ensure air quality. Furthermore, two ashtrays



With a focus on quality, functionality, and aesthetics, our Portable Modular Smoking Rooms are the ideal solution in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, OMAN, KSA for creating designated smoking areas in urban settings like Central Park Towers Residences. Combining innovative design with practical features, these units enhance the overall experience for residents and guests alike.