Self-contained and user-friendly E-Toilets are a necessity especially in public places as well as remote areas.

Ecoplanet offers Electronic Toilets that are unmanned, automated, unisex, and self-cleaning. Our company installs remotely monitored toilet pods in public places. Moreover, E-Toilets can be freely accessed with manual entry and exit or used as coin-operated pay toilets. A safeguard corridor panel often serves as a screen to avoid disturbing the user of the toilet or the public. Like other self-sustaining, electronic public toilets, the Electronic Toilets we provide have sensors to initiate automatic functions including post-flush and pre-flush platform cleaning, after a specified number of uses. Further, some Coin Operated Toilets have indication lights displayed outside to help the user to identify whether the facility is occupied or unoccupied and whether the facility is out of service.Electronic Toilets or Automatic Toilets are some of the major innovations in the sanitation, public health, and hygiene sector. We sell products that incorporate a full-cycle approach in sustainable sanitation by integrating convergence of mechanical, electronics, and web-mobile technologies. Besides, many Coin Operated Toilets control usage, cleaning, exit, entry, and remote monitoring capabilities automatically. Concealed piping is another major feature of Automatic Toilets and e-toilets we provide. Also, to enable an increased flow of pressure, the pipes usually have reduced joints. Ecoplanet brings you some of the best quality Electronic Toilets that are self-cleaning, water conservation machines.Ecoplanet offers unmanned toilets with automated access control. Our company proposes to refine the E-Toilet by improving sterilization mechanisms, minimizing water requirements, and reducing necessary power consumption. We supply Automatic Toilets that are completely standalone systems, that are sustainable in terms of efficiency and cost. Our firm gives the customers products that are integrated with high-end technologies. Moreover, we ensure timely delivery of services at budget-friendly prices. In conclusion, E-toilets are a result of a convergence of electronics as well as web and mobile technologies. They feature power flushing, automatic closet washing, automated door opening, and automatic platform cleaning and sterilization mechanism. ..

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an E-Toilet?

An E-Toilet, or electronic toilet, is a technologically advanced and automated public restroom facility equipped with electronic features for enhanced cleanliness, user convenience, and resource efficiency.

2. How do E-Toilets Work?

E-Toilets are sensor-operated and self-cleaning facilities. They use electronic sensors for flushing, automated seat cleaning, and touchless operation to minimize the spread of germs. Some models also include features like air purification and water conservation.

3. What are the Key Features of E-Toilets?

Key features of E-Toilets include automatic flushing, touchless operation, self-cleaning seats, air ventilation systems, occupancy sensors, water-saving mechanisms, and sometimes even Wi-Fi connectivity for real-time monitoring.

4. Are E-Toilets Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, E-Toilets are designed with environmental considerations. They often include water-saving features, reducing water consumption per flush. Additionally, some models incorporate solar panels for power, contributing to sustainability.

5. How are E-Toilets Powered?

E-Toilets are typically powered by electricity. Some models may utilize solar power for energy efficiency, especially in locations where continuous electrical supply may be a challenge.

6. Are E-Toilets Hygienic?

Yes, E-Toilets are designed with hygiene in mind. The touchless operation, self-cleaning features, and sensor-based functionalities minimize the risk of contamination, providing users with a cleaner and more sanitary restroom experience.

7. Can E-Toilets Operate in Remote Areas?

While E-Toilets primarily rely on electricity, models equipped with solar panels can be suitable for remote areas where a continuous power supply might be challenging. These models can operate efficiently with minimal reliance on external power sources.

8. What Maintenance is Required for E-Toilets?

E-Toilets are designed for low maintenance. Regular cleaning of external surfaces and occasional checks on electronic components are typically sufficient. Many E-Toilets also come with remote monitoring capabilities for efficient maintenance.

9. Are E-Toilets Wheelchair Accessible?

Yes, many E-Toilets are designed to be wheelchair accessible, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for users with mobility challenges.

10. Do E-Toilets Provide Real-Time Usage Data?

Some advanced E-Toilets come equipped with sensors and connectivity features that allow for real-time monitoring of usage data. This can be valuable for maintenance planning and optimizing restroom facilities.

11. Can E-Toilets Operate Offline?

While the basic functions of E-Toilets, such as flushing and self-cleaning, can often operate offline, certain features like real-time monitoring and data reporting may require an internet connection.

12. Where are E-Toilets Commonly Installed?

E-Toilets are commonly installed in public spaces such as parks, transportation hubs, tourist attractions, and urban centers. They offer a modern and efficient solution for addressing public sanitation needs.