The decomposition mechanized toilet system of Bio toilet decomposes human excretory waste in the digester tank using specific high graded bacteria (anaerobic or aerobic) further converting it into water and methane gas.

Toilet with Bio-Digesters is a different toilet as compared to the traditional restrooms. Moreover, it helps in keeping the station clean as well as saves a lot of water. Ecoplanet offers Eco-Friendly Portable Toilets at affordable or competitive prices. With the best industrial experience and technical knowledge, we provide a wide range of Eco Toilets that are environment-friendly and green-rated products.The bio-toilets we offer are made by best in class skilled workers and are manufactured with good quality of raw material. Furthermore, our company provides toilets that are portable to carry it from one place to another. Our Environment-Friendly Toilets can easily fulfill the requirements of sanitation needed at construction site offices and other public places. Besides, Ecoplanet provides full customization according to the customer demand or needs within the given time frame. We test our Bio Toilets on numerous parameters to ensure its quality and durability.We cater to the requirements of the different sectors including:.

  • Schools, villages
  • Construction sites
  • Farm Houses and Deserts
  • Resorts
  • Small communities
  • Defense
  • Industrial Factories

Ecoplanet is one of the most reputed dealers of Eco-Friendly Portable Toilets. We supply a wide variety of Toilets with Bio-Digesters to our valuable customers. We bring you Toilet with Bio-Digesters that facilitates the Biological decomposition of Human waste. Bio-Toilet and Eco Toilets are innovative technologies for disposal of solid human waste in an economical, ecofriendly, and hygienic manner. A Bio-Toilet and Environment-Friendly Toilets are complete waste management solutions that reduce solid human waste to pure water and Biogas. A few of the outstanding features of Bio Toilets or Toilet with Bio-Digesters include the avoidance of any bad odor which makes it useful at all places. Also, the Eco-Friendly Portable Toilets we offer have no chances of clogging of the system and bug infestation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a BIO-TOILE?

BIO-TOILE refers to a bio-toilet system designed for eco-friendly and sanitary waste disposal. It utilizes biological processes to break down human waste, converting it into non-toxic substances and minimizing environmental impact.

2. How Does a BIO-TOILE Work?

BIO-TOILE uses microbial cultures to accelerate the decomposition of organic matter in human waste. The process is aerobic, meaning it occurs in the presence of oxygen, resulting in the production of water, gases, and a residue that can be safely disposed of.

3. Is BIO-TOILE Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, BIO-TOILE is environmentally friendly. By relying on natural microbial processes, it avoids the use of harmful chemicals. The end products are non-toxic, and the system helps reduce water pollution and soil contamination.

4. Where Can BIO-TOILE Systems be Installed?

BIO-TOILE systems are versatile and can be installed in various settings, including homes, offices, public facilities, construction sites, and remote locations. They offer a sustainable solution where traditional sewage systems may not be practical.

5. What Are the Advantages of Using a BIO-TOILE?

The advantages of BIO-TOILE include minimal water usage, efficient waste decomposition, reduced environmental impact, and the ability to function in areas without access to centralized sewage systems. It is also cost-effective and easy to maintain.

6. Is Regular Maintenance Required for BIO-TOILE Systems?

While BIO-TOILE systems are designed for low maintenance, regular checks and servicing are recommended to ensure optimal performance. This may include adding microbial cultures, inspecting components, and cleaning if necessary.

7. Can BIO-TOILE Systems Handle Heavy Usage?

BIO-TOILE systems come in various capacities to handle different usage levels. They can be adapted for heavy usage in high-traffic areas, such as public events, construction sites, or locations with a large number of users.

8. Are BIO-TOILE Systems Odor-Free?

Properly designed and maintained BIO-TOILE systems are generally odor-free. The aerobic decomposition process helps control odors, and some models may include ventilation systems to enhance air circulation.

9. What Happens to the Residue Produced by BIO-TOILE Systems?

The residue produced by BIO-TOILE systems is typically in the form of a stabilized, humus-like material. This residue is non-toxic and can be safely disposed of in designated areas or used as a soil conditioner.


10. Are BIO-TOILE Systems Suitable for Cold Climates?

Yes, BIO-TOILE systems can be adapted for use in cold climates. Proper insulation and heating elements may be incorporated to ensure the microbial processes continue efficiently in colder temperatures.

11. Can BIO-TOILE Systems be Installed in Existing Structures?

Yes, BIO-TOILE systems are designed for easy installation and can often be retrofitted into existing structures. They provide a flexible solution for upgrading sanitation facilities without major construction work.


12. How Can I Choose the Right BIO-TOILE System for My Needs?

Choosing the right BIO-TOILE system depends on factors such as usage requirements, available space, and environmental conditions. Consulting with experts in bio-toilet technology can help determine the most suitable solution for your specific needs.