Prefabricated/Customized Toilets

Our company is well known in the market for supplying a high-quality range of Prefabricated Toilets. Our offered toilet is made by using quality-tested components and advanced techniques in line with industrial market standards.

We offer Customized Toilets that meets client requirements. Ecoplanet has a team of an expert professional that assist you in choosing the perfect Prefab Custom Toilets for your needs. We provide a wide range of Prefab Toilets at affordable and budget-friendly prices. Our products are appreciated by our clients for being made available in a gradation of custom client-centric specifications. Our offered range finds its applications in restaurants, resorts, water parks, etc. Moreover, Ecoplanet brings you Sandwich Panel Toilets widely demanded in the market. Our Prefab Custom Toilets are completely checked from our end to ensure its flawlessness.We bring innovative solutions for public convenience and promise timely delivery of services. Ecoplanet offers Aluminum Portable Toilets that find temporary use for countless purposes and are a major requirement for a multitude of applications. We are one of the top prefabricated toilet manufacturers that provide customized toilet solutions in a variety of sizes and added features. Further, we bring you ACP Portable Toilets at competitive prices and top-notch quality. Customized Toilets are easy to re-assemble and dismantle. Also, Prefab Custom Toilets we sell are easy to transport and economical.Being the top movable and prefabricated toilet suppliers, we offer customized prefabricated toilet cabins to specifically cater to the client requirements. Our company brings you insulated Liftable cabins that can be used as portable toilets as well. We introduce our customers to Prefabricated Toilets that can be an optimum choice for a vast myriad of purposes and provide the best temporary solution in such applications. Ecoplanet are the dealers and suppliers of the best-customized toilets that offer the benefits of lightweight construction and excel in service.


Specifications of GRP Portable Toilets

  • Size: 1.3 Mtr L x 1.3 Mtr W x 3.0 Mtr H
  • Walls, Roof & Door: 50mm Polyurethane Insulated Aluminium Sandwich Panel
  • Color: RAL 9002
  • Flooring: 18mm Waterproof Marine Plywood Floor covered with Aluminium Chequered Plates and with Drain Hole.
  • Frame: Steel Base Chassis.
  • Water Tank: 150 US Gallon Built-In Steel Tank.
  • Waste Tank: 150 US Gallon
  • Built-In Steel Tank.
      – W/C (European Style) with flush tank & seat cover.
      – Shattaf.
      – Pedestal Washbasin.
      – PPR pipes for fresh water supply.
      – Exhaust Fan with powder coated aluminium frame.
      – LED Light & Waterproof Switch.
      – Waterproof power socket.
      – Air Vent pipe.
      – 4” outlet provision for sewage removal.
  • Entry Steps.

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Portable Toilets Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Prefabricated/Customized Toilets?

Prefabricated/Customized toilets are pre-built restroom structures that can be customized to suit specific requirements. These modular units offer flexibility in design, amenities, and size, making them suitable for various applications.


2. What Are the Key Advantages of Prefabricated/Customized Toilets?

Prefabricated/Customized toilets offer advantages such as rapid construction, cost-effectiveness, customization options, and the ability to meet specific spatial and design needs.

3. Where Can Prefabricated/Customized Toilets Be Installed?

These toilets are versatile and can be installed in various locations, including construction sites, events, parks, public spaces, remote areas, and temporary facilities.

4. Can Prefabricated/Customized Toilets Be Customized According to Specific Requirements?

Yes, customization is a key feature. These toilets can be tailored to meet specific requirements, including size, layout, interior finishes, amenities, and accessibility features.

5. What Sizes are Available for Prefabricated/Customized Toilets?

Prefabricated/Customized toilets come in various sizes to accommodate different needs. Common sizes include single units, multi-stall configurations, and larger restroom complexes.

6. Are Prefabricated/Customized Toilets Durable and Long-Lasting?

Yes, these toilets are designed for durability. They are constructed using robust materials that withstand weather conditions and heavy usage, ensuring a long lifespan.


7. Do Prefabricated/Customized Toilets Include Plumbing and Electrical Systems?

Yes, these toilets come equipped with plumbing and electrical systems. They are designed to be fully functional, with options for water-saving fixtures, lighting, and ventilation.

8. What Types of Amenities Can be Included in Prefabricated/Customized Toilets?

Amenities can vary based on customization but may include sinks, mirrors, hand dryers, air conditioning or heating, baby-changing stations, and other features to enhance user comfort.

9. How Quickly Can Prefabricated/Customized Toilets Be Installed?

Installation times depend on the complexity and size of the project. However, prefabricated toilets are known for their quicker installation compared to traditional construction methods.

10. Are Prefabricated/Customized Toilets Suitable for Permanent Installations?

Yes, prefabricated toilets can be designed for permanent installations. They are not limited to temporary use and can provide a long-term solution for restroom facilities.


11. Do Prefabricated/Customized Toilets Comply with Building Codes and Regulations?

Reputable manufacturers ensure that prefabricated/customized toilets comply with local building codes and regulations. It's essential to work with experienced providers to guarantee adherence to standards.

12. Can Prefabricated/Customized Toilets Be Moved to Different Locations?

Depending on the design, some prefabricated toilets are mobile and can be moved to different locations. This mobility makes them suitable for events or changing site requirements.

13. Are Prefabricated/Customized Toilets Environmentally Friendly?

Many prefabricated toilets are designed with sustainability in mind, using eco-friendly materials and incorporating water-saving features to minimize environmental impact.

14. How Can I Order Prefabricated/Customized Toilets for My Project?

To order prefabricated/customized toilets, contact a reputable manufacturer or supplier. Discuss your specific requirements, including design preferences, amenities, and any customization needed for your project.