Portable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks

Ecoplanet is one of the prominent service providers of Portable Hand Wash Stations/sinks. Our company offers Movable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks that are effectively customized and designed keeping into mind transportability, technical finesse, sanitation, and utility. Owing to the optimum effectiveness, timely execution, and cost-effectiveness of our valuable services, our company preferred by many customers across the world. To facilitate better hygiene and hospitality, Automatic Hand Wash Stations/sinks and Portable Wash Basin are often in demand at outdoor events. Moreover, we avail Luxury portable hand washbasins for functions, sites, and workshops that are arranged at open spaces. As observed in hospitals and healthcare facilities, Medical Hand Wash Stations/Sinks have always been quite a need of an hour.

You can find the right products for your application in our online store. We offer a wide variety of Free-Standing Hand Wash and Hands-Free Hand Wash systems. Ecoplanet offers you the most convenient solution to your needs. Furthermore, our products such as Mobile Hand Wash Stations/Sinks and Portable Toilet with Washbasin are easy to clean as well as maintain. Our company presents you with a stylish range of durable and Movable Wash Basins. We are equipped with a skilled team of professional staff that assist you in choosing the right products that suit your requirements.

Our Portable Wash Basin and Automatic Hand Wash Stations/Sinks can be used anywhere you need to have access to fresh running water. We offer standard products including:

– Indoor portable sinks
– Outdoor portable sinks
– Automatic Hand Wash Stations/Sinks
– Mobile classroom sinks of variable heights
– Foodservice sinks
– Medical Hand Wash Stations/Sinks
– Beauty salon handwashing stations

Benefits of Portable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks:

– Ideal for increasing or adding handwashing facilities
– Collection capability/wastewater storage means no need for on-site drainage
– Go connections and simple plug to mains water or temporary water supply
– Provide hand washing facilities in locations while enabling safe distancing
– Unit complete with a waste connector is possible if the connection to wastewater system is not available

We provide outdoor food services the ability to prevent cross-contamination and maintain the highest levels of hygiene using our Movable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks. Besides, all of our portable hand wash designs as well as Portable Toilet with Washbasin comply with hand washing codes and regulations. Ecoplanet supplies the right equipment to provide your staff and guests with hand wash sinks. We provide our trustworthy services across various places including UAE, GCC and Africa.

Our units of Hands-Free Hand Wash and Movable Wash Basin are self-contained, easy to maintain, and simple to use. We provide Portable Wash Basin and Hands-Free Hand Wash that can be placed exactly where needed since they don’t need internal plumbing. Also, the products of Ecoplanet are ideal for indoor applications where hand washing is not available. We help in preventing the spread of bacterial infections through our authentic products including Medical Hand Wash Stations/Sinks and Hands-Free Hand Wash systems. Moreover, we promise timely delivery and the time-bound installation of our products.