Glossy Black Portable Security Cabin Installation for JANNAH Hotels & Resorts, Dubai, UAE

Welcome to our latest project, where we had the privilege to provide our premium Glossy Black Portable Security Cabin to enhance the security infrastructure at JANNAH Hotels & Resorts in Dubai, UAE. This project showcases our commitment to delivering top-quality, customizable solutions in the portable cabin industry.

Project Details:

  • Product: Glossy Black Portable Security Cabin
  • Size: 1.8 meters (L) x 1.5 meters (W) x 3.2 meters (H)
  • Included:
    • x1 Security Room
    • x1 Door
    • x3 Windows
  • Frame: Steel Base Chassis
  • Walls: Internal and External: Aluminium Composite Panel Wall
  • Front Area Covered with: 6mm Tinted Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Door: Powder Coated Aluminium door with Lock and spare keys
  • Window(s): Powder Coated Aluminium Frame Windows
  • Floor: Cement Board covered with PVC Vinyl Sheet
  • HVAC: 1.0 Ton Split AC
  • Electrical & Lighting: Switches & Sockets, LED Lights, AC Isolator & DB

Client: JANNAH Hotels & Resorts, Dubai – UAE:

JANNAH Hotels & Resorts is synonymous with luxury and hospitality excellence in Dubai, UAE. By choosing our Glossy Black Portable Security Cabin, JANNAH demonstrates a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security for their guests and properties.

Key Features of Glossy Black Portable Security Cabin:

  1. Sleek Design: The glossy black exterior exudes sophistication, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the security cabin.
  2. Durability: Constructed with a steel base chassis and aluminium composite panel walls, this cabin offers robust protection against external elements.
  3. Functional Layout: Equipped with a security room, door, and windows, the cabin provides ample space and visibility for security personnel.

Project Implementation:

The installation of the Glossy Black Portable Security Cabin was meticulously planned and executed to ensure seamless integration with JANNAH Hotels & Resorts’ existing infrastructure. Our team prioritized efficiency and precision to minimize disruption to the hotel’s operations.

Client Satisfaction:

Our collaboration with JANNAH Hotels & Resorts underscores our commitment to delivering tailor-made solutions that exceed expectations. The successful deployment of the Glossy Black Portable Security Cabin reflects our dedication to meeting the unique needs of our clients in the hospitality sector.


This project represents another milestone in our journey of providing innovative and reliable portable cabin solutions. We take pride in contributing to the security infrastructure of JANNAH Hotels & Resorts, Dubai, UAE, and we remain committed to delivering excellence in every project we undertake.

For inquiries about our Glossy Black Portable Security Cabin or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us. We are dedicated to providing customized solutions to meet your needs.