portable smoking room or cabin with beautiful interior view

Portable/Movable/Mobile Smoking Rooms/Cabins

Smoke Safe with Portable/Movable/Mobile Smoking Rooms :

Over the past few years, public smoking has been banned in most countries. Due to the adverse health issues caused by smoking, it has been banned in almost every public space including schools, hospitals, airports, etc. Even though smoking cigarettes is unhealthy, most companies still have a significant number of smokers within their workforce.

Under these circumstances, it is not advisable to allow smoking within the workplace, as this is both unhealthy, and unpleasant for staffs that do not choose to smoke. This resulted in the rise of Portable/movable/mobile smoking cabins which is a boon to all smokers around the world.

Why are Portable/Movable/Mobile Smoking Cabins Useful?

The Portable/movable/mobile smoking cabin is a perfect solution to prevent second-hand smoke. It filters the harmful gases, removes unpleasant odours, and tobacco smoke to improve the general indoor air quality. These cabins allow offices and other public areas to build a bridge between smokers and non-smokers allowing them to interact in the same place.

Portable/movable/mobile smoking cabins are flexible in size and equipped to fit regular smoking intensities in both private and public buildings serving Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, KSA, OMAN, and GCC. Since these are portable it can be placed wherever you like in your outside space. It is suitable for offices, airports, or construction companies as a permanent smoking as well as a temporary smoking shelter.

Why choose Ecoplanet Portable/Movable/Mobile Smoke Cabins

Ecoplanets Portable/movable/mobile smoking room provides an effective way to eliminate harmful gases and odours at the most affordable range. Our perfectly crafted cabins are crafted with high-quality raw material which ensures durability.

Furthermore, we customise portable cabins at various sizes and shapes to satisfy your needs. Ecoplanet Portable/movable/mobile smoking rooms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, KSA, OMAN, and GCC is an ideal choice for customers who are looking for a long-term solution at the most affordable price. We protect non-smokers without penalizing smokers.

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