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We offer our clients smart and easy-to-use portable sanitization products, Container Cabins, and Porta Cabins that are highly customizable to fit in your residential and commercial spaces.

Gone are the days of unclean and stinking toilets where you feel cringed and even get hospitalized

In today’s world, the landscapes of modern businesses are changing every now and then. The steadfast

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Have a look at our stunning collection of Portable Toilets, security cabins, Brand New Porta Cabins, Modular Smoking Rooms, Wudu/ Ablution Units, and many more that takes your life to the next level!

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client of ecoplanet new

I want to thank all the team members who put the effort to deliver on-time and professional service. All toilets were placed in the right spots and our guests really enjoyed the super clean ambience set up in the portable toilets.

- John Smith

Ayesha Fatima

Working with Ecoplanet was an awesome experience. Everything was well-planned and executed. We would not have been able to coordinate and place all the portable toilets in the right locations for our event without your direction. Thanks team!

- Ayesha Fatima

Khalid Muhammad

You guys did a fabulous job for my son’s birthday party. We will definitely recommend Ecoplanet to our friends and family. I want to thank entire Ecoplanet team over at portable hand wash sanitations for your outstanding service. Thanks a million.

- Khalid Muhammad

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Are Both Residential And Commercial Portable Toilets Available?

We concentrate on providing the best commercial and residential portable toilets and cabins to various locations as per the need arises.

How Long Do Portable Toilets Last?

We believe in making our portable toilets worthy of your money, time, and convenience. Keeping an eye on these parameters, we have designed our portable toilets to last for a minimum of 5 years, and a maximum of 10 years at the least. So, we make sure that our portable toilets and related services are quality assured.

Do You Provide Portable Toilets For Rent?

Yes, we do provide portable toilets for rent. We are aware that the world, currently, is addressing the importance of eco-friendly minimalist constructions. Keeping this fact in mind, we offer portable toilets for rent to various services like construction sites, Movie/TV sets, Corporate and personal events, Sports events, Villas, and Real Estate.

How Does a Portable Toilet Work?

A portable toilet flushes and carries waste away like a conventional toilet but the waste is not transported to a sewer, instead is carried to a holding tank underneath. Portable toilets are also available without a tank, It offers sewer connect and direct connect options for using at areas where connections are available. Please feel free to contact us (Toll Free: 800 CABINS) in order to guide you better.

What Is The Time Required For Portable Toilet Installation?

The time required for our portable toilet installation is very minimal. Our expert staff will install these toilets in the place you want them. Thus, it becomes a hassle-free process. All you need to do is use it as per any of the other toilets and waste disposal becomes easier through our products.

Do You Sell Portable Toilet Products?

We do sell portable toilet products apart from rentals. Our main focus is on selling the portable toilet products. The products we offer include security cabins, portable sinks, porta cabins, container office/toilet, portable urinal, portable shower, portable changing rooms, portable smoking rooms, portable ablution/wudu units, and deodorizing liquids.

How Much Does a Portable Toilet Cost?

We have priced our portable toilet based on its demand as well as the requirements of our customers. As per our motto, we believe in providing portable toilets at an affordable value, which might urge more people to access our products and services. Although it depends on certain factors, the starting price of our portable toilet is AED 3500.

Do You Supply Portable Toilets In Dubai?

Yes, of course, we supply high-quality portable toilets in Dubai. We distribute our portable toilets all over UAE (United Arab Emirates) as they are in great demand throughout any season. It is our specialty that we distribute our products and services within a given time frame, which is beneficial to our clients & customers.