Portable Ablution/Wudu Units

Ecoplanet design and manufacture high-quality portable ablution units for, businesses, events, and companies. Due to its flexible, modular construction, our ablution units can be customised to your needs, with additional showers and basins as per your personal choices. 

Our ablutions will work finely for you whether you need them temporarily or permanently, offering a high -quality solution that can work within your budget. It’s time to forget the real estate hassles, our ablution units are here for you.

Hygiene: Our ablution unit is hygienic and is notable for its spaciousness and comfort. The portable ablution is quick to install. Ecoplanet ablution units meet international hygiene standards and are being used worldwide with high demand.

Portability: Ecoplanet ablution units are finished to the highest standard. It caters to high traffic scenarios offering portability, functionality, and ease of manipulation. The unit can be picked and placed anywhere. These come in varied formations and are used for various purposes. Since they are portable, when your needs change, you can relocate these units to a new location is of no effort. These portable toilets are perfect when you need more bathrooms in a hurry, or for temporary events.

Extra sanitation during the pandemic: Portable ablution units provide extra sanitation where these facilities are not readily available previously. As we know hygiene in the current situation of pandemic is important. Since the pandemic has not given workplaces time to build traditional sanitation buildings, a temporary and logical solution is desirable. 

Durability: The durable nature of our portable ablution makes them perfect for commercial use. They are cost-effective and easy to repair and maintain.

Placing portable ablution facilities is a perfect solution which helps to reduce the number of staff shared facilities and also provides additional hand washing solutions.

Portable wudu units: We have recently added Portable Wudu Abulition Units to our range of washroom products. What is Wudu? It is the ritual of washing performed before undertaking Islamic prayer.  It is a strict process for ablutions which includes washing certain parts of the body including hands, feet, face, etc. This is a structured process that must be compulsorily performed in sequence.  Even though there are different ways in which Wudu is performed in different denominations of Islam, the requirement for clean water and facilities remains the same. Wudu units are primarily used in private bathrooms where it helps to transform a Muslim bathroom into a personal Wudu Khana. Today portable wudu units are increasingly being implemented in schools for children’s use, and other environments where space is limited.

Designed and manufactured by Eco planet, a unique range of portable wudu unit’s models are available for use in the workplace, mosque and other places, making it suitable for virtually any type of building. This Wudu unit can be easily installed in places where inclusion and diversity matter the most.

Specifications of Portable Ablution/Wudu Units:

  • Types: 2 Person & 4 Person Units
  • Size: 1.2 Mtr W x 2.5 Mtr 
  • Material: GRP
  • Color: White

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Portable Ablution/Wudu Unit?

A Portable Ablution/Wudu Unit is a self-contained, mobile facility designed for ritual washing (ablution or wudu) in accordance with Islamic practices. It provides a convenient and hygienic solution for individuals, especially in outdoor events, construction sites, or areas without traditional washroom facilities.

2. How does a Portable Ablution/Wudu Unit work?

These units are equipped with water tanks, faucets, and drainage systems. Users can perform ablution comfortably, as they would in a traditional washroom. The units are designed for ease of use, ensuring a clean and private space for ritual washing.

3. Are Portable Ablution/Wudu Units suitable for outdoor events?

Absolutely. Portable Ablution/Wudu Units are ideal for outdoor events, festivals, and gatherings where traditional washroom facilities may be limited. They provide a practical solution for maintaining religious practices in a temporary or outdoor setting.

4. What features do Portable Ablution/Wudu Units offer?

These units typically include water tanks for ablution, foot-operated faucets, soap dispensers, and drainage systems. Some may also have separate sections for men and women, ensuring privacy and convenience.

5. Can Portable Ablution/Wudu Units be customized for specific events?

Yes, many providers offer customization options to meet the specific needs of events. Customizations may include branding, additional amenities, or layout modifications to suit the requirements of the occasion.

6. Are Portable Ablution/Wudu Units environmentally friendly?

Many Portable Ablution/Wudu Units are designed with environmental considerations in mind. Some feature water-saving technologies, while others use eco-friendly materials, contributing to sustainable and responsible practices.

7. How are Portable Ablution/Wudu Units maintained and serviced?

Service providers typically offer regular maintenance and cleaning services to ensure the units remain hygienic and functional. Scheduled servicing includes water tank refills, waste removal, and sanitation to uphold cleanliness standards.

8. Can Portable Ablution/Wudu Units be used for construction sites?

Yes, Portable Ablution/Wudu Units are commonly used on construction sites where traditional washroom facilities may not be readily available. They provide construction workers with a convenient and private space for ablution.

9. Are these units suitable for long-term use?

Portable Ablution/Wudu Units are designed for both short-term and long-term use. They are durable, weather-resistant, and can accommodate the ablution needs of users in various settings over extended periods.

10. How can I rent Portable Ablution/Wudu Units in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE?

Contact reputable suppliers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or other UAE locations offering Portable Ablution/Wudu Units. Discuss your requirements, including the duration, customization needs, and any specific event details, to secure the rental service that suits your needs

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