Portable Smoking Rooms/Cabins

In recent years smoking has been banned in most public places including schools, offices, theatres, and airports mainly due to the adverse health issues caused by it. For this reason, more and more establishments are providing designated smoking areas to protect all individuals from exposure to passive smoke anytime. Among those, portable smoking rooms/ cabins are popular solutions. An effective portable smoking area can capture the smoke before it spreads. They also filter most of the harmful gases produced and purify tobacco smoke into clean air. Modular smoking rooms are of particular importance as they can save spaces for all sectors and follow the changing patterns of the users.

Conventional smoking rooms are usually poorly ventilated, occasionally cleaned, and often an uncomfortable place to be in. Ecoplanets portable smoking room provides an easy and effective fix to this problem. Our safe, healthy, and cost-effective solution guarantee effective eliminations of gases, odour and improves the general indoor air quality, as clean air is recirculated. The reasons are plentiful and to hear more about them please feel free to contact us today.

Our acceptance in the market is directly attributed to our perfectly crafted container smoking room/cabins designed that is commonly used at construction sites. Manufactured with utmost precision, this Portable cabin is constructed from high-quality raw material and modern reliable technology that ensures its durability. Furthermore, Ecoplanet provides this Portable cabin in various sizes and shapes following the client’s interest.

Portable: Ecoplanets Modular smoking room/ cabin is portable and can be placed wherever you like in your outside space. It is suitable both as a permanent smoking area for your colleagues and customers, as well as a temporary smoking shelter for site workers and corporate events. Our portable smoking areas can be moved to wherever they are needed at the time. 

Luxury: Nowadays most of the smoking shelters available in the market are simple containers that are supposed to protect smokers from wind and rain. Different from this, Ecoplanet portable smoking areas are custom-made smoking shelters also come with attractive interiors, in-built seating arrangements, anti-slip flooring, and cigarette bins. 

Ventilation: We provide added ventilation, partition walls, etc according to the requirements of clients. We customise your level of comfort and luxury to your portable smoking rooms/cabins.

Durable: Ecoplanet portable smoking rooms are constructed with high-quality prefabricated steel. This makes our container smoking shelters strong, windproof, and rust-resistant. This makes our product a great choice when it comes to purchasing a container smoking room you want to last. We assure you that our smoking units will last through the years making it a worthwhile investment. 

Affordable: You might be thinking, ‘the concept of portable smoking cabins sound great, but how affordable are they? Ecoplanets portable smoking rooms are affordable than you dreamt of. 

Our product is designed for small budgets while providing you with a long-term solution without the need for replacement. Ecoplanet modular smoking room is an ideal choice if you are looking for a long-term solution. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Portable Smoking Room/Cabin?

A Portable Smoking Room/Cabin is a designated and enclosed space designed for smokers to enjoy their cigarettes comfortably. It provides a controlled environment for smoking while ensuring compliance with regulations and minimizing the impact on non-smokers.

2. Why choose a Portable Smoking Room/Cabin?
  • Portable Smoking Rooms/Cabins offer a convenient and efficient solution for creating designated smoking areas in various settings. They help organizations comply with smoking regulations, maintain a smoke-free environment, and address the needs of smokers.
3. Where can Portable Smoking Rooms/Cabins be used?
  • These portable cabins are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, including corporate offices, public spaces, construction sites, events, and hospitality venues. They are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, providing flexibility in placement.
4. Are Portable Smoking Rooms/Cabins customizable?
  • Yes, Portable Smoking Rooms/Cabins are customizable to meet specific requirements. From size and design to ventilation systems and interior amenities, customization options allow tailoring the cabin to fit the aesthetics and functionality desired.
5. How do Portable Smoking Rooms/Cabins address ventilation concerns?
  • These cabins are equipped with efficient ventilation systems to ensure the continuous circulation of air, minimizing smoke concentration. Proper ventilation helps maintain air quality and provides a comfortable environment for smokers.
6. Are Portable Smoking Rooms/Cabins compliant with smoking regulations?
  • Yes, Portable Smoking Rooms/Cabins are designed to comply with smoking regulations and standards. They provide a designated space for smokers, ensuring that non-smoking areas remain smoke-free and in accordance with local regulations.
7. Can Portable Smoking Rooms/Cabins be relocated?
  • Yes, these cabins are designed for mobility, allowing for easy relocation as needed. This flexibility ensures that smoking areas can be adjusted based on changing requirements or the layout of the space.
8. What features do Portable Smoking Rooms/Cabins typically include?

Features may vary, but common elements include proper ventilation systems, seating, ashtrays, and optional amenities such as lighting, heating, or air conditioning. The goal is to create a comfortable and compliant space for smokers.

9. How do Portable Smoking Rooms/Cabins contribute to a smoke-free environment?

By providing a designated and enclosed space for smoking, these cabins help contain and filter smoke, preventing it from spreading to non-smoking areas. This contributes to maintaining a smoke-free environment in the broader setting.

10. How can I inquire about and acquire a Portable Smoking Room/Cabin in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE?
    • To inquire about our Portable Smoking Rooms/Cabins or discuss your specific requirements, please contact [Your Company Name]. Our dedicated team will provide information, address queries, and assist you in choosing the right solution for your needs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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