Prefabricated Portable Cabin: Bespoke Living Spaces for Al Barsha Villa, Dubai

Discover the epitome of convenience and comfort with our Prefabricated Portable Cabin—a tailored solution designed to meet the unique requirements of creating maid rooms for a villa in Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE. With meticulous attention to detail, this project exemplifies our commitment to delivering modular living spaces that prioritize functionality and aesthetics.

Project Specifications:

  • Size: 6.0 meters x 2.6 meters
  • Included: x2 Rooms, x2 Shower Cabin, x2 Door, x2 Windows & x2 Split A/C
  • Walls & Roof: 50mm Polyurethane Aluminium Sandwich Panel
  • Color: RAL 9002

Project Overview: Crafting Maid Rooms for Al Barsha Villa

Our Prefabricated Portable Cabin stands as a testament to innovation and adaptability, providing bespoke living spaces for the villa in Al Barsha. Tailored to accommodate the specific needs of maid rooms, this project showcases our ability to seamlessly integrate functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

Key Features:

  1. Dual Living Spaces: The inclusion of x2 rooms ensures separate and comfortable living quarters for the villa’s support staff.

  2. Private Shower Cabins: The presence of x2 dedicated shower cabins adds a touch of privacy and convenience to the living spaces.

  3. Optimal Ventilation and Lighting: The design incorporates x2 windows and x2 doors to facilitate natural light and ventilation, contributing to a pleasant living environment.

  4. Climate Control: Each cabin is equipped with x2 Split A/C units, allowing for personalized temperature control for enhanced comfort.

Why Choose Our Prefabricated Portable Cabin?

  • Tailored Living Spaces: Crafted specifically for maid rooms, these cabins provide a functional and comfortable environment that aligns with the villa’s requirements.

  • Quality Construction: The 50mm Polyurethane Aluminium Sandwich Panel ensures insulation, durability, and a sleek aesthetic in line with RAL 9002 color standards.

Project Location: Al Barsha, Dubai – UAE

Situated in Al Barsha, Dubai, this project emphasizes our commitment to delivering modular solutions that seamlessly integrate with the diverse architectural landscape of the city.

Elevate Your Living Spaces: Prefabricated Portable Cabin | Small Portacabin Office Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ready to enhance the living quarters of your villa or establish a small office space? Our Prefabricated Portable Cabin is the ideal solution. Contact us today to discuss how these innovative, functional, and aesthetically pleasing living spaces, doubling as small portacabin offices, can elevate the comfort and convenience of your project in Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE.

Prefabricated Portable Cabin | Small Portacabin Office Dubai

Experience the future of modular living with our Prefabricated Portable Cabin—where functionality, comfort, and bespoke design converge for Al Barsha Villa, Dubai, UAE. Prefabricated Portable Cabin | Small Portacabin Office Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE.