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Ecoplanet is a technology-driven enterprise with a massive bank of experience in designing and manufacturing movable sanitization products suitable for all types of spaces – both residential & commercial. Understanding the need for maintaining health and hygiene under all circumstances, all our products are manufactured with environmental-friendly products and designed to last long and offer ultimate luxury & convenience for the users.

We are acclaimed as the best portable sanitation manufacturing company in UAE. We have a proven track record of supplying and renting sanitization solutions like Mobile Toilets, Security Cabins, Portable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks, Porta Cabins, Container Cabins, Portable Urinal Cabin, Shower Cubicles, Mobile Changing Rooms, Modular Smoking Room/Cabins, Ablution Units, and Bio Deodorizer for Portable Toilet.

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We adopt out-of-the-box thinking strategies and have deep expertise in the Research & Development, Design, Production, and Sales of eco-friendly sanitization units.

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Find our latest business updates, including the latest press releases and articles we listed in many online media and news paper. You can check our latest prereleases here.Ecoplanet is a leading portable toilet supplier in Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

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Ecoplanet in your number one option when it comes to portable sanitation equipment. We are proud to offer our customers the best, which makes us a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of portable restroom facilities in worldwide markets.

Our Business

We aim to design, transform and make sanitation solutions at affordable rates accessible for everyone. We now extended our mission globally to provide sanitation facilities in the most eco-friendly way

Our Mission


Do You Provide Deodorizing Liquids?

Yes, we do provide Deodorizing Liquids as we are a pioneer in the business of the portable toilet. We have been in the field of the sanitation industry for more than 10 years. It helps with mitigation of bad odors. Our portable toilets successfully breaks down the waste in units and we provide deodorizing liquids as per our client/customer needs.

Do You Provide Free Delivery?

Yes, we do provide free delivery to any of the sites as per our terms and policies. We focus on setting up the portable toilets at your convenience, free of cost.

Do You Offer Security Cabins?

Yes, we do offer security cabins apart from portable toilets. These security cabins offer more facilities with fewer spaces. It is durable, budget-friendly, eco-friendly, and can be easily relocated as per your needs and requirements. Also, these security cabins can be customized base on your requirements.

What Is Your Ultimate Mission?

As a promise to our growing clientele, we aim to design, transform and make sanitation services at affordable costs to all our clients & customers throughout UAE. We intend to extend our services globally with around 10+ years of expertise in the portable sanitation industry.

Where Can I Place Portable Toilets On-Site?

As these portable toilets are mechanically movable, they can be placed anywhere On-Site as per your convenience. These toilets are eco-friendly, water-resistant, and abrasive-resistant. Some of these are fire-proof as well. So, all our portable products can be customized and installed as per your needs and requirements.

What Are Your Skills?

Apart from designing top-notch portable toilets and office cabins, we adopt out-of-the-box thinking strategies in Research and Development Design, production, and sales. We are great at providing ample support with 24/7 customer service through our Toll Free: 800 CABINS (222 467). The quality-assured portable toilets we sell/rent are reliable and eco-friendly, just the things we focus on in our marketing campaign.