Size: 2.0 Mtr x 1.6 Mtr

Area: Private Villa, Al Mamzar – Dubai

Client: M.A. Yusuff Ali (Chairman & MD of LuLu Group International)


We are proud to present our recent project, the Modular Security Cabin, showcasing innovation, security, and aesthetics, specially designed for the private villa of M.A. Yusuff Ali, the Chairman and Managing Director of LuLu Group International, in the picturesque neighborhood of Al Mamzar, Dubai.

Key Features:

  • Space Efficiency: The 2.0 meters by 1.6 meters modular security cabin offers an ideal balance between space efficiency and functionality. This compact design is perfect for managing access control while keeping the surroundings uncluttered.
  • Enhanced Security: With cutting-edge security features and technology, this cabin ensures that the safety and well-being of the occupants and property are a top priority. It serves as the first line of defense against unauthorized entry.
  • Elegant Design: The modular security cabin is not just functional but also adds an aesthetic touch to the property. It complements the architectural design of the villa, creating a harmonious blend of security and style.

Why Al Mamzar, Dubai?

Al Mamzar is known for its luxury and elegance. The choice of this exclusive location reflects the high standards that our client, M.A. Yusuff Ali, upholds in all aspects of life. Our modular security cabin adds to the grandeur of this neighborhood, offering the best in both form and function.

Client - M.A. Yusuff Ali

M.A. Yusuff Ali, the Chairman and Managing Director of LuLu Group International, is a renowned figure in the business world. His commitment to excellence and quality aligns perfectly with our vision, making this project a testament to our dedication to delivering the best in the industry.

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Elevate your property’s security and style with our Modular Security Cabin. We look forward to serving you and contributing to the safety and sophistication of your space.