Six Types of Portable Toilets and their Uses 

Six Types of Portable Toilets and their Uses  Portable toilets became very relevant in the modern era as hygiene is unavoidably important. Most of us know about portable toilets but aren’t aware of the variety it provides. There are basically six types of portable toilets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE and each of them has […]

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Prefabricated Toilets UAE

Prefabricated Toilets UAE Precast construction systems and Prefabricated Toilets have many advantages over traditional systems in many aspects. Prefabricated Toilets have less on-site construction time, less energy and water consumption, less curing time, lower overall construction cost, and lower environmental impact. Prefabricated Toilets are a convenient option while setting up portable toilets during outdoor events. […]

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Top Portable Toilets Suppliers in Africa

Top Portable Toilets Suppliers in Africa A portable toilet is a convenient option at events in remote areas, events that are conducted outdoors, and also large-scale events. Portable toilets have many environmental benefits. During outdoor events, they fulfill the demand and requirement for toilets by the attendees. If hosting an event, one of the best ways […]

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Benefits of Portable/Mobile/Movable Toilets

Benefits of Portable/Mobile/Movable Toilets Major Benefits of Portable Toilets Portable or movable toilets provide easy sanitation facilities for people. These are used in offices, construction sites, gatherings, and projects for the convenience of employees and guests. Moreover, it is an environment-friendly investment. One of the most common reasons people turn to Mobile or Movable Toilets is […]

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Portable Toilets and Cabins for Rental

Portable Toilets and Cabins for Rental Services The old and conventional options of the toilet and sanitary systems are taken over by revolutionary portable toilet systems. They are the solution to all toilet requirements at the personal and public sectors. Eco planet is a pioneer company that provides portable toilets for rent UAE services to […]

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Deodorizing Liquids/Tablets for Portable Toilets

Deodorizing Liquids/Tablets for Portable Toilets Deodorizing Options for Portable Toilets:The concept of portable toilets is always associated with being unhygienic and unclean public areas unfit for use. The intense odor from these toilets is an issue of major concern for people who use these toilets. The deodorizing liquids and tablets are the practical and easily […]