portable ablution units in white color

Portable Ablution/Wudu Units

Discover how Portable Ablution and Wudu Units make your life easier:

An ideal sanitization solution for confined spaces is all about Portable Ablution Units. Hygienic and fully operational toilets and washing facilities are in great demand if your business or residential spaces have limited areas for ablution and human waste disposal.  Besides brick-and-mortar companies, the users of porta Ablution Units are umpteen. From event planners to real estate agents and mosques, everyone is in search of reliable and cost-effective movable sanitation solutions like Portable Wudu Units and Ablution Unitsin dubai, abu dhabi, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and GCC. Now let us know the diverse user base of portable toilet technology in detail.


Event Planners

If you are an event organizer and is planning to conduct any special event, the first and foremost thing you need is a separate wash/ toilet area that readily attends your guests’ call of nature. There is a big necessity for a wide range of Ablution Units that are marvels of high comfort and luxury.


Real Estate Agents

You might be wondering how real estate agents are the important users of Portable Ablution Units. Sometimes, homes or any type of buildings lack modern and proper sanitary facilities that make it difficult to be sold to potential clients. Easily installed, quickly re-located, and highly hygienic are the three main highlights of Portable Ablution Units available across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and GCC. To help customers find their dream homes having all contemporary bathroom amenities, real estate agents adhere to the services of leading portable sanitization solution providers.



Before introducing you to different innovative, easy to use, and Portable Wudu Units, let us explain what does Wudu stands for. Wudu is the process of washing your essential body parts like face, hands, legs, etc., before entering the prayer hall. Portable Wudu Ablution Units act as a space-saving and multifunctional ablution or Wudu Units that can be installed inside the premises of mosques.