Portable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks

Unique Applications of Portable Hand Wash Station:When people think of outdoor portable Hand Wash Stations, the two most common applications tend to be in medical facilities as well as in school settings. One of the biggest benefits of a portable sink is to provide high-quality handwashing option in areas where traditional sinks are not available. An indoor portable handwashing station is a great option for foodservice applications, catering, classrooms, health, and medical facilities, and other indoor locations that require handwashing. Outdoor handwashing option is gradually becoming the norm at festivals as well as in events where food is available.  Highly versatile and practical portable sinks are a better alternative for hand sanitizer options.

Job Sites and Work Floor
You might know how costly it can be to have to run drains and water lines to the more remote areas of your workplace if you are a commercial property owner or a business owner. For those companies operating out of job sites such as renovation crews, landscapers and construction companies, having the option to use a portable handwash stations or sinks offers workers a real benefit. Any type of contact exposure to industrial products, harmful materials, glues, or other chemicals is much less problematic when portable hand washing stations are available. Portable sinks and handwash units provide a healthier workplace for staff even when standard running water systems may not be available.

Mobile Catering Services
Food trucks and mobile catering services can benefit from the addition of a portable hand wash station. This can be a perfect option for staff, but it can also be provided as an additional feature for customers to use. Portable handwash units provide a safe, sanitary, and convenient alternative to traditional units. Many mobile catering companies benefit from these products when they are asked to provide food and meals where running water isn’t available.

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