portable movable mobile toilet in ACP material

Benefits of Portable/Mobile/Movable Toilets

Benefits of Portable/Mobile/Movable Toilets Major Benefits of Portable Toilets Portable or movable toilets provide easy sanitation facilities for people. These are used in offices, construction sites, gatherings, and projects for the convenience of employees and guests. Moreover, it is an environment-friendly investment. One of the most common reasons people turn to Mobile or Movable Toilets is […]

portable toilets units

Portable Toilets and Cabins for Rental

Portable Toilets and Cabins for Rental Services The old and conventional options of the toilet and sanitary systems are taken over by revolutionary portable toilet systems. They are the solution to all toilet requirements at the personal and public sectors. Eco planet is a pioneer company that provides portable toilets for rent UAE services to […]

portable ablution units in white color

Portable Ablution/Wudu Units

Portable Ablution/Wudu Units Discover how Portable Ablution and Wudu Units make your life easier: An ideal sanitization solution for confined spaces is all about Portable Ablution Units. Hygienic and fully operational toilets and washing facilities are in great demand if your business or residential spaces have limited areas for ablution and human waste disposal.  Besides […]

portable smoking room or cabin with beautiful interior view

Portable/movable/mobile Smoking Rooms/Cabins

Portable/Movable/Mobile Smoking Rooms/Cabins Smoke Safe with Portable/Movable/Mobile Smoking Rooms : Over the past few years, public smoking has been banned in most countries. Due to the adverse health issues caused by smoking, it has been banned in almost every public space including schools, hospitals, airports, etc. Even though smoking cigarettes is unhealthy, most companies still […]

portable changing rooms

Portable Changing Rooms/Cabins

Portable Changing Rooms/Cabins A Necessity for all your Dynamic Needs:A Portable Building is a great way to make space sustainable for you. In this modern era of dynamic requirements, it provides a peaceful place to change clothing anywhere you need it. Ecoplanet portable dressing cabins is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a portable changing […]