Luxury Portable Toilets.

Modular/Luxury Toilets

We offer you a wide array of Modular Portable Toilets as well as Luxury Toilets. All our products are developed as per the industry norms with top-notch quality. Moreover, the Luxury Portable …
Disabled Toilets

Handicapped/Disabled Toilets

A Handicapped or accessible toilet is designed to accommodate people with physical disabilities. Disabled Toilets are useful for persons with reduced mobility. Handicapped Toilets with a higher …

Deodorizing Liquids/Tablets for Portable Toilets

Deodorizing Options for Portable Toilets:The concept of portable toilets is always associated with being unhygienic and unclean public areas unfit for use. The intense odor from these toilets is an …

Portable Ablution/Wudu Units

Discover how Portable Ablution and Wudu Units make your life easier:An ideal sanitization solution for confined spaces is all about Portable Ablution Units. Hygienic and fully operational toilets …

Portable Smoking Rooms/Cabins

Smoke Safe with Portable Smoking Rooms :Over the past few years, public smoking has been banned in most countries. Due to the adverse health issues caused by smoking, it has been banned in almost …

Portable Changing Rooms/Cabins

A Necessity for all your Dynamic Needs:A Portable Building is a great way to make space sustainable for you. In this modern era of dynamic requirements, it provides a peaceful place to change …

Portable Shower

The convenient option of portable shower:Workers and staff of various industrial and commercial sectors are forced to stick to their works for continuous multiple days as per the demands and requirements of their work. In those circumstances, a portable shower cabin is an ideal option to maintain personal hygiene and self-care routines. It is the best solution for workers who have less access to normal toilet and shower room facilities. It is an essential tool for improving the

Portable Urinal

The most hygienic tool for public space:The toilet and sanitation options in public spaces are considered as unhygienic and unsafe for use. Portable urinal cabins are the best option for a safer and hygienic option for public spaces. They are easy to install and are flexible to connect to bio-digester septic tanks and drainage systems easily. The manufacturing and developing procedures of portable urinal cabins are conducted with high-quality raw materials and advanced technology. Therefore it is the

Porta Cabins/Portable Cabins

Explore the features and uses of Porta Cabins/Portable Cabins:The business requirement and environment are subject to change with time. Business and construction works of today’s world demand a versatile choice of essential items. Porta Cabins/Portable Cabins are gaining the eyes and ears of people across the world. The portable cabins are agile and versatile and are available in various shapes and sizes. As the name suggests, it could be transported and constructed easily.  When constructed with high-quality raw

Portable Hand Wash Stations/Sinks

Unique Applications of Portable Hand Wash Station:When people think of outdoor portable Hand Wash Stations, the two most common applications tend to be in medical facilities as well as in school settings. One of the biggest benefits of a portable sink is to provide high-quality handwashing option in areas where traditional sinks are not available. An indoor portable handwashing station is a great option for foodservice applications, catering, classrooms, health, and medical facilities, and other indoor locations that

Security Cabins

Advantages of Portable Security Cabins:Portable Security Cabins are not fixed the ground permanently – instead of that, they are constructed in a modular way, which makes them amazingly easy to assemble and disassemble. Nowadays many portable cabin manufacturers combine high quality and reasonable prices. One of the most important portable cabins’ advantages is the fact they can be customized easily. Moreover, it is easy to install them wherever you want due to their portability features. Portable Security Cabins