Plastic Toilet

Plastic/HDPE Toilets and bathroom partitions are commonly used in commercial establishments to create individual, bathroom stalls in restrooms with more than one toilet. Ecoplanet offers the best quality HDPE Toilets and Re-Circulating Kit Toilets at affordable prices. We ensure timely delivery of top-notch products. We are one of the top suppliers and dealers of Re-Circulating Kit Toilets. Public bathrooms can be a harsh environment due to the usage of low-quality materials.

Fiber/FRP Toilet

Ecoplanet offers top quality GRP Toilets and Fiber Toilets to the customers. FRP Toilets are widely used since they are weather resistant and are light in weight compared to traditional toilet building materials. These self-sustaining materials are highly durable and require little or practically no maintenance during the period of usage. We offer a wide range of products that are manufactured in an aesthetic and appealing color combination of the customer’s choice. Moreover, these cabins can also be used as bathrooms when provided with necessary accessories or an overhead shower. Besides, Ecoplanet provides GRP Cubicles that come with very good mechanical strength.

Portable/Movable Toilets

Waterless Toilet eliminates the use of water for flushing hence lowering the environmental impacts compared to water-efficient toilets and wastewater recycling systems. Ecoplanet offers Chemical Toilets or ‘dry sanitation’ systems do not use water to transport or treat or human excreta. Moreover, they keep effluent or pollutants out of waterways as well as the general environment. We provide functional and innovative Plastic Toilets that are appropriately designed to conserve precious water resources. Besides, these products can efficiently save money on your water bill.

Prefabricated Toilets

Our company is well known in the market for supplying a high-quality range of Prefabricated Toilets. Our offered toilet is made by using quality-tested components and advanced techniques in line with industrial market standards. We offer Customized Toilets that meets client requirements. Ecoplanet has a team of an expert professional that assist you in choosing the perfect Prefab Custom Toilets for your needs. We provide a wide range of Prefab Toilets at affordable and budget-friendly prices. Our products are appreciated by our clients for being made available in a gradation of custom client-centric specifications. Our offered range finds its applications in restaurants, resorts, water parks, etc. Moreover, Ecoplanet brings you Sandwich Panel Toilets widely demanded in the market.

caravan toilets

A caravan or trailer toilet might not be the most glamorous item on your shopping list, but they vital for a comfortable road trip. Ecoplanet offers affordable and best quality Caravan Toilets to the customers. Trailer Toilets come in different types and sizes. The most common types of Travel Trailers are ceramic, portable, and fixed cassette caravan or trailer toilets. We are one of the most renowned firms that avail timely services and top-notch products at budget-friendly prices. Our company provides the best collection of Towed Toilets as well as Eco Trailer Toilets

Luxury Portable Toilets.

We offer you a wide array of Modular Portable Toilets as well as Luxury Toilets. All our products are developed as per the industry norms with top-notch quality. Moreover, the Luxury Portable Toilets we provide have various attractive features like corrosion resistance, dimensional accuracy, crack-proof, durability, high strength, and excellent finish. We sell Modular Portable Toilets that are crafted from premium quality material for radiant features and are finely finished. Our unique products incorporate innovative designs along with modern technology.

Disabled Toilets

A Handicapped or accessible toilet is designed to accommodate people with physical disabilities. Disabled Toilets are useful for persons with reduced mobility. Handicapped Toilets with a higher toilet bowl make it easier for them to stand up. Ecoplanet offers the best quality innovative Disabled Toilets. We provide Portable Toilets

Travel Toilets

We offer lightweight and portable camping toilet for our customers. Picnic Toilets and Porta Potty provide you a functional and stylish design as well as necessary practicality. At Ecoplanet, we bring you the best collection of Picnic Toilets that are easy to use and easy to empty. Our Portable Camping Toilets are designed for camping and caravanning purposes. Moreover, these toilets are hygienic and inexpensive with modern design which makes this product a great deal to use.


Self-contained and user-friendly E-Toilets are a necessity especially in public places as well as remote areas. Ecoplanet offers Electronic Toilets that are unmanned, automated, unisex, and self-cleaning. Our company installs remotely monitored toilet pods in public places. Moreover, E-Toilets can be freely accessed with manual entry and exit or used as coin-operated pay toilets. A safeguard corridor panel often serves as a screen to avoid disturbing the user of the toilet or the public. Like other self-sustaining, electronic public toilets, the Electronic Toilets we provide have sensors to initiate automatic functions including post-flush and pre-flush platform cleaning,

Portable Bio-Toilets

The decomposition mechanized toilet system of Bio toilet decomposes human excretory waste in the digester tank using specific high graded bacteria (anaerobic or aerobic) further converting it into water and methane gas. Toilet with Bio-Digesters is a different toilet as compared to the traditional restrooms. Moreover, it helps in keeping the station clean as well as saves a lot of water. Ecoplanet offers Eco-Friendly Portable Toilets at affordable or competitive prices. With the best industrial experience and technical knowledge,